June - Oral Health Month

June - Oral Health Month

Posted by ENHANCEDENTALD on Jun 2 2021, 10:46 AM

Toothpaste manufacturer Colgate declared June as the Oral Health Month in 2012. They earned a massive partnership with the American Dental Association in promoting the importance of good oral health in 2016. It is the best time to take proper care of your teeth, mouth, and gums.

What Is Oral Health Month?

Oral Health Month boosts good oral hygiene for both children and adults. Since it is the first month of summer vacation, parents spend more time with their kids and teach them the importance of good oral hygiene. Though it was a promotional campaign by a toothpaste company, it made a great impact during these years.

During Oral Health Months, parents can take extra time and learn about good dental care for their kids and themselves. The purpose is to teach the kids to maintain good oral hygiene at an early age so they’ll grow up adopting these habits for strong and healthy teeth.

Why Is Oral Health Important?

Treating your oral health does not only mean keeping your breath fresh and your teeth white. Your oral health can impact your whole body. Tooth decay can lead to the birth of bacteria around your teeth that can spread to other parts of the body like the heart and lungs. These could affect you with diseases like pneumonia and myocarditis. Furthermore, gum diseases affect the heart and create complications in pregnancy. Therefore, it is essential to take proper care of your teeth and gums regularly.

Maintaining your oral health will also help in preserving your smile. If you do not brush, floss, or clean your teeth regularly, you ultimately allow bacteria to build up in your mouth. These bacteria eat sugars in the mouth and produce eroding acids that can cause tooth decay or cavities. Then it will become essential to treat the cavity by filling the tooth and sealing them. If not cared for properly, the problem could lead to tooth loss and painful nights.

Wrapping Up

Society is now taking Oral Health Month of June seriously to keep their brighter and whiter smiles intact. Having bright white teeth indicates good oral health after all! You need to take care of your teeth regularly for the whole month. Moreover, if you have oral problems due to genetics, you might need the help of cosmetic dentistry. All these methods will give you healthy teeth and boost up your confidence with a beautiful smile.

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