Sleep Dentistry & Its Benefits

Sleep Dentistry & Its Benefits

Posted by ENHANCEDENTALD on Apr 28 2021, 03:38 AM

Dental health is one of the most important parts of personal health. Advanced technologies in the field of dentistry allow dentists to offer dental care that our patients deserve. At Enhance Dental & Braces, we provide sleep dentistry (also known as sedation dentistry) for several dental procedures. Dentistry combined with sedation has gained huge popularity over the years. Of course, no one likes to be in pain!

What are the types of sleep dentistry?

The following are the types of sleep dentistry:

Oral Sedation

The dentist will give you one or two sedation pills depending on the time the procedure might take. The pills will make you feel drowsy but still awake. 

IV Moderate Sedation

You feel sleepy as soon as this sedation is administered to your body. You fall into a deep sleep in no time, which gives the dentist enough time to complete the dental procedure. The level of sedation is adjusted according to the requirement. 

Deep Sedation

After administering this sedation, you will be completely unconscious. This is done for complex procedures, especially those that are time-consuming. It might take a while to wear off its effect from the body. It would be better if you bring someone along with you to drive you back home.

Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a special mask placed over your nose. It will reduce your anxiety, and the dentists can adjust its level by increasing or decreasing the amount of gas you inhale. Its effect easily wears off, and you will even be able to drive home after the treatment.

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry has many benefits, such as:

Relieves anxiety

This is one of the major benefits that sedation dentistry offers. No matter how anxious you are, sedation dentistry would be a great help to you. Depending on the procedure, the medication used will make you feel a bit drowsy, thus, help you conquer your fear.

No More Pain 

The reason behind the anxiety is probably the pain that might accompany the procedure. You may be afraid of the sharp or pointed dental tools that the dentist uses. But under the effect of sedatives, you won’t be able to feel any pain. 

Reduced Gag Reflex

The gag reflex is what guards your throat against materials that are harmful to your body. But while performing dental procedures, the gag reflex may be a hindrance for the dentist. Sedation dentistry helps you feel relaxed, giving enough time to the dentist to complete the process. 

Easy to Work On 

Sedation dentistry saves time for dentists, as they can easily and quickly complete the entire procedure. There won’t be any pauses during the treatment making the dental visit more efficient. 

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