Dentures in San Antonio, TX

Dentures in San Antonio, TX

Dentures are the most preferred oral prosthetics by patients who have lost a significant number of teeth. They are made from a combination of ceramic and acrylic, which replicate the appearance of the teeth and gum tissues, respectively. Since dentures are removable restorations, they can be worn and taken off as and when you wish, such as while going to bed, cleaning the mouth or the dentures, etc.

What are the advantages of dentures?

  • Dentures are the simplest and most convenient means to replace a large number of missing teeth
  • They are removable
  • Their appearance can be mimicked with that of the natural teeth in terms of color, texture, contour, and overall aesthetics
  • They allow you to bite and chew food as you always did with your natural teeth
  • Placing dentures in the mouth restores the contour and shape of the jaws, thereby making your face look fuller
  • They are long-lasting, thanks to the highly durable materials used to make them
  • They can be made either in the complete or partial form, which allows us to replace all or just a few sets of missing teeth
  • They retain their shape quite well as they are backed by a metal framework.

How can you get customized dentures?

When you visit our dental practice, our team of experts will thoroughly examine your mouth and determine how best to treat your condition. X-rays and oral scans will be taken to get a better understanding of your teeth and underlying jawbone. If we have to remove any existing teeth, our team will extract them after administering local anesthesia. We will take precise scans of the mouth to create 3D digital impressions, which will be used as a reference in a dental laboratory to fabricate the dentures.

During the next consultation, we will place the custom-fabricated dentures in your mouth and check for fit and comfort. If any changes in shape and fit are needed, we will make them and provide the modified dentures to you. Further, the dentist will take you through their usage and give you a few instructions to care for them so that they last for a long time without needing a lot of adjustments.

You may schedule a consultation with Dr. Alvarez and our team of dental experts by calling us at (210) 396-7667 or reaching us through an online query. We’re always happy to help.


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